A great way to combine formal arrival photographs with photobooth style fun!


We know you love having fun as much as we do! What better way than to dress up with props and make it a memory? Capturing your formal side before the props appear, our Pop Up Studio is great for all events, from black tie dinners to proms, weddings to birthdays, and many more.

Capture your real laughs and candid moments.

Our Pop Up Studio photographs are taken by a professional photographer; this way your laughs are real, and caught when you least expect them! Instead of a traditional booth fitting only a couple of people in, we can accommodate as many as your space allows.
We tailor make our set up size to fit your event and venue, giving you a choice of backdrop too.

If you're as in-decisive as we are, our All Inclusive collections are exactly that!


Secure a Pop Up Studio at your event…

 We require a £100 booking fee to secure your photographer.

Get in touch to discuss your party, and, if required, we can create a bespoke collection to suit your likes and needs.

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"Kodak sells film, but they don't advertise film; they advertise memories."
- Theodore Levitt