Cassie Creations offer a range of commercial photography services including; Portrait, Fashion, Hair, Product, Food, Industrial, Corporate, Architectural and PR. So whether you require a set of photographs of your staff, new images for your website or brochure, or have a significant event to capture, we can provide a professional service tailored to your business' needs.

We price our commercial photography with digital files and licence fees included, so you are free to use the images within your company media with no on-going costs. Included in our price is pre-production which can include the time needed for planning, meetings, set up, arranging and organising equipment and/or people. Post-production might include image selection for particular uses or use of Photoshop editing software for specific projects. Design and additional creation is charged at our creative rates.



Our photography rates are:
Hourly - £144 | Half Day - £288 | Full Day - £576

Our creative rates are:
Enhanced post production work - Hourly - £72 

All prices above are exclusive of VAT.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.